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About us

Founded in 1923, SANTANDERINA is a leading family-owned company in the textile industry with our own in-house production. We produce 23.1 million of meters each year, 70% of the whole production for export. Our wide, international sales channel and distribution network in 15 countries, 4 production centers, and 71,500 meters of warehouse allow us to responds to the new needs in the market, and face the future with confidence. Our clear pledge towards ecology, environment, and corporate social responsibility generate a direct and positive impact on the product we offer to our final customer. QUALITY Certified ISO 9001 Certified PECAL 2110 ENVIROMENT ISO 14001 OEKO-TEX STeP CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and Code of Conduct Adhesion to Global Agreement TECHS BY SANTANDERINA SANTANDERINA develops a business line exclusively devoted to Corporatewear, Workwear, Protectivewear and Militarywear. Our TECHS line offer innovative, bespoke solutions for all customers and users (firefighters, police officers, military forces, forest rangers, welders, health staff…). Our strong commitment to research and a close collaboration with our technical fibers and chemicals suppliers make possible for TECHS to constantly develop new textile solutions. Over the years, our experience has granted us an international recognition in terms of quality, service, adaptability, and innovation. TECHS is made by and for people, as they are the ones who make possible our progress and specialization as a company. A high qualified human team capable of exceeding all challenges every year, while contributing to the market with new products of great added value.