Raval de Sant Rafael,21
43470, La Selva del Camp

About us

Cintas y Pasamanería, S.A. (CINPASA) provides solutions with textile tapes to reinforce, hold and transport products. In recent decades it has been one of the leading companies in Europe in the manufacturing of curtain tapes . In the process of diversification over the years it has expanded its product range to the current offer that covers a wide range of textile tapes and cords for various uses, and complementary products. The beginnings of the manufacture of ruffling tape goes back to 1961 and started as a product in the parent company of the family, La Industrial Algodonera , SA . In anticipation of the expansion of this market , it was founded in 1977 Cintas y pasamaneria SA, as a firm specializing in the manufacture of ruffling curtain tapes . It was the first company in Spain to manufacture and sell automatic ruffling tapes.