Colònia Cal Riera s/n
08692 – Puig-reig
(+34)93 838 04 11

About us

FILATS GONFAUS, S.A., is a conventional cotton spinning with more than 50 years of experience in the textile sector. Currently, specialized in technical yarns, has a modern and automated facility that allows offering a high level of quality and reduced delivery time. We have 3 production lines with variable capacities according to needs. 100% threads of various materials with graduation range from 12 Nm to 70 Nm. (Cotton Carded and Hairstyle, Acrylic, Modacrlico, Viscose, Polyester, Linen and other Mixtures). The standard yarns can be mixed with technical materials. Possibility of mixtures of 2 to 5 different materials, and from a minimum of 1%. We also offer the possibility of adding several continuous filaments: polyamides, polyester, elastomers, etc.