Marina Textil SL


LLobateres 27, PI Santiga
08210,Barberà del Vallès
(+34)937 193 340

About us

Marina Textil starts its production of shirt fashion fabrics in the early 90’s. Nowadays, totally focused on protective technical fabrics, manufacturing all fabrics in the facilities located in Barberá del Vallès. There is the weaving loom park, bonding plant, raw material and finished product warehouses, quality laboratory, laboratory for new developments and research, as well as the commercial and administrative offices of the company. Our range of fabrics are the following: Marlan – Marlan V – Marlan Plus; protective fabrics against splashes of liquid metal. Marko; multinorm fabrics. Marko AS; multi-standard fabrics certified with NFPA / ASTM regulations. Plusmark; certified multi-standard fabrics with EN ISO standard. Multilayer: fabrics with membrane, Marko SSH340 / 340HV softshells, Marko Rain – Coat. Aramar, aramide fabrics. Stark, anti-static fabrics. All of them are focused on protective garments for the following industrial sectors: Foundries and metallurgical sector, electrical and subcontractors, oil and gas, firefighters and forestry, welders, and so on